6 Signs of Addiction

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Unfortunately, all of us know someone who is – or has – suffered from addiction. For those who have even experienced it themselves, they know what a challenge it can be. When dependent upon a substance, it can be hard to escape. At these points, assistance from ‘outside’ can help. Plus, as with any condition, early intervention can result in better outcomes.

But how can we detect addiction early on? Below we have listed 6 signs of addiction to look out for.

6 Signs of Addiction

1. Change in behavior

Do you notice a change in the person’s behavior? Are they showing signs of mood swings?

2. Excessive use

Perhaps this one is obvious, but using a substance excessively is a key sign of addiction. What started out in moderation (e.g. a prescription from the doctor or alcohol with friends) may be now being consumed excessively and out of control.

3. Absenteeism

Are they showing up late to work or school? Or perhaps they are not even showing up at all? Missing days of work or school are a classic sign that there are other problems going on in their life. It may not necessarily be due to addiction, but it merits further investigation.

4. Asking for money

Does the person suddenly have an unexplained need for money? Why do they need this money?

5. Change of friends

Has the person started to change the friends they associate with? The move toward drug or alcohol abuse can often be accompanied by a synchronous move toward different friends who also partake in substance abuse.

6. Disengagement

Is the person disengaged or do they seem distant? Substance abuse is often a symptom of other problems, not necessarily the problem itself.

Figure 1: 6 Signs of Addiction

6 Signs of Addiction

Seeking help

Do you know someone who may be suffering from addiction and needs outside help? At Coastal Pain Medicine we specialize in assisting people suffering from addiction. This includes both alcohol and drug dependency. Depending on their needs, we offer a variety of treatment programs, including:

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