Are painkillers good for you?

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Dealing with pain on regular basis is an experience many people have to face. There are so many individuals for whom pain has became a fixed part of their life – so much so that they wake up in the morning, expecting the pain to occur.

But does pain really have to play such an outsized role in our lives? Is there no way to get rid of it?

For many of us who suffer from pain, our first instinct is to reach for the painkillers. And while they may help in case of low-intensity, acute (short-term) pain, expecting them to be able to cure us of chronic (long-term) pain is unrealistic. Over-the-counter painkillers do not treat the source of pain – they only numb the symptoms. It is not wise to use them for a longer period of time, and there are at least three reasons for that:

  1. Pain is one way our body signals there is something wrong going on that requires our attention. It is a way for our body to tell us that we need to take action and seek the doctor’s help. Numbing it with painkillers can cause the condition to get worse.
  2. Painkillers can be highly addictive.
  3. They are full of harmful chemicals that, if overused, can overburden our internal organs.

Dealing with pain on your own can be very dangerous. If you struggle with pain of any kind, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a pain clinic, such as our pain clinic in Pompano Beach, where we treat pain in a safe and effective way.

Pain management in Pompano Beach – About Coastal Pain Medicine

Did you know that in our facility, we provide pain management services directed specifically at elderly patients? We understand that their needs differ from those of other age groups, and we are committed to catering to those needs. Our pain clinic in Pompano Beach is considered one of the best in the Broward County area, and we work hard to meet the expectations of our patients. If you are in pain and are seeking the help of a Pain Doctor in Pompano Beach, look no further. At Coastal Pain Medicine, you are in good hands.

Our pain doctors strive to provide patients with the best possible care. Their main focus is helping patients live normal and pain-free lives, because they strongly believe that this is the life they deserve.

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