Lesser-Known Uses of Stem Cells in Medicine

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In recent years, stem cells have been drawing much attention and controversy among medical experts. These cells have promising medical benefits and may hold the cure to many diseases.

Stem cells are cells that have yet to develop or form into different, specific types of cells. They can become a bone, cartilage, a muscle or a part of an organ or other specialized cells. 

Properties of Stem Cells

Think of stem cells as young and still-maturing cells that develop into what they eventually become because of the influences around them. According to the National Institutes of Health, stem cells have three unique properties: 

  • they can replicate and proliferate many times over
  • they have no “tissue-specific” structures
  • they can become specialized cells

Because of their unique properties, experts believe that stem cells are viable for treating, repairing, and replacing tissues or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma or congenital defects. To date, multipotent hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation is the most popular form of stem cell therapy, especially for cancer patients. 

Stem cell therapy for pain management

Our pain management doctor in Fort Lauderdale uses stem cells to repair injured tissues, as these cells can turn into whatever type of cell the body needs. This minimally invasive procedure is done by injecting stem cells into the injured body part and letting the body’s natural healing mechanism take over.

Other Uses of Stem Cell Therapy in Medicine

Coastal Pain Medicine’s stem cell therapy services in Fort Lauderdale uses stem cells effectively to manage pain, but medical experts continue to develop and find other new ways of using stem cells to treat incurable diseases. Some of the lesser-known uses of stem cells in medicine include:

1. Treatment of Heart Failure

Currently, there is no cure nor reversal for heart failure beyond medications and lifestyle changes. A heart transplant is a primary treatment for end-stage heart failure but the reality is, there aren’t enough donors to help every patient.

A study published in the European Heart Journal, however, found encouraging evidence that stem cells may be feasible in generating a tissue-engineered outcome to treat heart failure, especially end-stage heart failure. 

2. Reversing Aging

The very first case study on reversing aging using stem cells was done nearly a decade ago. Experts learned that with some tissue engineering and cell programming, progressive rejuvenation of aging individuals may be slowed down or stopped. 

Several studies to reverse aging have been done since. More recently, experts from the University of Cambridge discovered a way to reverse brain stiffness in an older brain by replacing older cells with new, younger cells.  

3. Alternative to Arthroplasty (surgical reconstruction or replacement)

Bodily injuries can change a person’s life in many ways as they impact mobility and function. Many injuries don’t heal completely unless the patient undergoes replacement or reconstruction, which can be both invasive and expensive.

Various studies are now looking to the potential of stem cell therapy as a common procedure, even for younger patients so that they won’t need additional surgical procedures in the future.  

Learn more about stem cell therapy in Fort Lauderdale

While these lesser-known possible uses of stem cells are still being explored, stem cell therapy at Coastal Pain Medicine has been using stem cells to manage pain for years. By naturally treating the root causes of pain, patients are assured of a pain management technique that has a high rate of effectivity.

Our pain management doctor in Fort Lauderdale believes that one-to-one compassionate care is the best type of medical care, and step-by-step communication – from the initial consultation and throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process – gives patients peace of mind and reassurance.

At Coastal Pain Medicine, our goal is to provide unparalleled patient care, returning you to an active, productive, and pain-free lifestyle. Book an appointment now. For inquiries, call us at 954-543-5100.

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