Pain Management Goals: Targeting the source, not just the symptoms

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Being in chronic physical pain is one of the worst experiences in life. When you’re in pain, everything seems out of order, mostly because the only thing you can focus on is the feeling of discomfort.


Depending on the intensity of pain, your life may be influenced in many ways; at its worst, you may simply not be able to continue your usual routine. Are you one of those sufferers? Are there days when you think the pain will never stop?

There are pain management doctors out there who claim they can stop the pain immediately. They offer various remedies, most of which target just the symptoms. And yes, this approach can bring the patient some relief; unfortunately, it’s often only a short-term solution.

The pain somehow always seems to find its way back. Why? Perhaps it is because doctors focus solely on the pain itself, instead of taking the time to diagnose its cause. In this article, we will explain how targeting the source instead of the symptoms is the only reliable strategy for making chronic pain stop for good.

Approach No. 1 – Short-term solutions

When you’re in pain, your immediate reaction is to reach for painkillers. This approach isn’t effective for two reasons:

  1. Painkillers are not able to cure chronic (long-lasting) pain;
  2. By numbing the pain, you ignore the important signals your body is sending you to let you know there’s something going on that needs your attention.

Even if the painkillers make the pain stop for some time, it always comes back, often even stronger than before. Consuming a lot of painkillers is not only ineffective, it can actually be harmful to your internal organs, e.g., liver. They are full of nasty chemicals and additives that accumulate in the body; plus, they can be highly addictive!

Approach No. 2 – Determining the cause at Pain Management Clinic Pompano Beach

In our pain clinic in Pompano Beach, we don’t numb pain with narcotics. We start by first finding out the source of pain. Only then are we able to determine what sort of treatment will be most beneficial for that particular patient. Our goal is to remove the root cause so that the pain goes away for good. Whether it is a migraine, stomachache or joint pain, we perform a thorough exam using the best diagnostic strategies to identify the real cause of the pain.

Once the cause of the pain has been established, our pain management doctor in Pompano Beach discusses the right treatment with you, the patient, as well as the goals of treatment, dependent upon your priorities.

Main targets for our pain management protocols:

Reduced pain + Increased mobility + the ability to resume activities

By achieving all of the above, the quality of the patient’s life improves significantly. Our pain management doctors work closely with each patient to meet her or his particular goals. Always feel free to communicate to your physician exactly what you are feeling and what your goals are.

At any stage of your pain management protocol, your may notice that:

  • Your stress levels drop
  • Your feel increased flexibility, strength and endurance
  • You sleep better at night
  • You are able to return to work, sports and hobbies
  • Your relationships with family and friends improve
  • Your overall life satisfaction improves

Pain management clinic in Pompano Beach – About Coastal Pain Medicine

Coastal Pain Medicine in Pompano Beach is a leading provider of pain management therapies and treatments in Pompano Beach. Our pain doctors strive to provide patients with the best possible care. Their main focus is helping patients live normal and pain-free lives because they strongly believe that this is the life they deserve.

Don’t hesitate to seek out our healthcare provider to diagnose the source of your pain, and then discuss the most effective options for treating it. Contact us at 954.543.5100 or find our more about our pain clinic in Pompano Beach.


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