PRP Therapy Pompano Beach

Are you suffering from sports injuries or nagging minor injuries such as tendinitis? Are your arthritic knees or hips stopping you from enjoying life fully? Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to bring relief or healing? If so, you may want to consider having a break through new medical procedure called PRP Therapy.

A PRP treatment is a regenerative procedure that leverages the healing power of your own blood cells to help you heal. PRP Therapy is simple, non-operative treatment that can be done in the comfort of our medical office in Pompano Beach, Florida. Likewise, this in-demand pain treatment is also available in PRP therapy Boca Raton, PRP therapy broward county, PRP treatment Deerfield Beach.

PRP therapy may also be combined with stem cell therapy in certain cases. Learn about the differences between PRP Therapy in Pompano Beach and Stem Cell Therapy in Pompano Beach by clicking here.

PRP Therapy - What is it? 

Your blood is mainly a liquid (called plasma), but it also contains small solid components such as: red cells, white cells and platelets. Platelets play an important role as they are the major clotting tool in your blood.

They are also rich in proteins called growth factors - and those are vital in the process of healing traumas and injuries. These substances within your very own blood  provide a 'regenerative cascade' that helps stimulate the healing of and reduce inflammation in muscles, tissue and bone when injected into injured areas.

In other words, PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma - is plasma with a much increased number of platelets than what is typically found in blood. Such a concentration of platelets (and thus - the concentration of growth factors) can be 5 to 10 times greater than usually found in circulating blood and has a huge healing potential when injected precisely into the injured body part. 

PRP Therapy Pompano Beach

PRP Therapy in Pompano Beach - How Does It Work?

In a simple and painless procedure, we obtain blood from your system and then use a centrifuge to extract the healing PRP Plasma. The platelets are then 'concentrated' into a powerful healing syrum which we then inject into the effected joint or tendon. The joint injections are done under ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to ensure precise placement into the affected joint. The platelet injections are painless and treatment can be completed in as little as one half hour.

Injecting platelet-rich plasma into damaged tissue is an effective yet minimally invasive treatment option used to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by the damage. This therapy enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, enabling our patients to enjoy a faster and more thorough healing process, and because the symptoms are relieved, it allows them to return to their regular activities sooner.

PRP therapy recovery time

PRP therapy Boca Raton, PRP therapy Broward County, and PRP treatment Deerfield Beach have been providing patients with a non-surgical way of relieving pain. Just like with any other procedure, you should allow your body time to recover following PRP treatment.

Although PRP treatment is a non-surgical method of pain management, patients should rest the treatment area following the injection. In particular, patients should limit movement of the injured joints. This is to facilitate faster healing and to prevent further damage. After all, the area is still injured.

You can expect the treated area to be irritated, or sore in the first two to three days after the treatment. There may also be some bruising and mild skin discoloration. These discomforts are normal side effects and can be treated with Acetaminophen. However, if the pain remains severe, consult your doctor immediately.

PRP treatment has many positive benefits to patients suffering from various types of pain. Patients may not notice an immediate difference after receiving the treatment. The effect is most noticeable six months after the treatment. Depending on the case, repeating the treatments may be necessary.

The main purpose of PRP treatment is to promote cell growth and healing of the injury site. This way, the signs and symptoms of the injury, including pain, are largely lessened. After six months, the area will heal faster noticeably.

PRP Therapy Pompano Beach

What Injuries and Conditions Do PRP Treatments Help?

  • Arthritic knees and hips (not needing replacement)
  • Arthritic shoulders
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Bone degeneration
  • Hip Injuries
  • Joint irritation
  • Knee Injuries
  • Muscle Tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Torn tendons

From minor arthritis to sports injuries. Thousands of people across the country from weekend warriors to athletes have begun to enjoy the regenerative healing power of PRP therapy, including our PRP Therapy in Pompano Beach.

PRP is now commonly used in treating sports injuries in professional athletes as you may have seen in international media coverage in USA Today, Sports Illustrated and CNN. In fact, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, PRP is "a promising, but not proven, treatment option for joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries".

* NOTE This therapy will not be as effective for severe arthritis or bone on bone issues. This procedure may be considered as an alternative to cortisone injections.

If you are interested in the regenerative and therapeutic benefits of PRP therapy in Pompano Beach we would be happy to offer a consultation to you. Insurance does not cover this procedure at this time.

PRP Therapy Pompano Beach

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